Ambidextrous Shooting

Training with your off-hand is a necessity for anyone that desires being prepared for whatever comes their way; after all, a gun fight is not filled with manners and rules.  To be better able to defend yourself when it matters most, you need the skills to take on a fight, even when injured.

If you want to test this theory, tape up your dominant hand into a fist and try and do your day-to-day activities at home.  Not so easy is it?  Just going to the bathroom will have you reevaluating the way you do everything for the rest of your life.  Fighting for your life is no different.

Developing your self-defense skills comes with drills.  Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and build them equally.  As a right handed shooter, I am proficient shooting two handed, right hand dominant and right hand draw.  What happens when my right side is no longer the stronger of the two or even available?

Start by practicing at the range with your dominant hand with single hand shooting.  Shoot one-handed until you feel strong and confident that you can be accurate when you have less control.  Pick the gun up and shoot, move, change target spots, drop the magazine, drop the slide, and even load with your single, dominant hand.  You will quickly realize it will take time to master.


Move to shooting with both hands but weak-hand control.  Manipulate and handle your firearm the exact same way you would with your dominant hand.  It is like trying to write your name with your left hand, and just as clumsy.  Over time your skill and strength will improve.  Once you are confident that you have control, learn to draw from the weak side.  Of course, use your firearm unloaded and no ammo available during the beginning of these drills.  You should first learn hand and eye coordination with your weaker half.

Practicing at home is acceptable if you follow the guidelines of common sense gun rules.  Leave your ammo in another room and continue to treat it as if it were loaded.  I don’t want to hear about mirrors shot out in your home (or worse)!

There are ways to make sure you can rack your pistol with one hand.  There are devices and techniques you can utilize.  The TacRack, for instance, replaces the rear slide end cap of a pistol.  It helps the user to rack on a hard surface such as a holster or pistol belt.  It is also a great resource for those that desire quick and easy racking with both hands.


You can rack one handed, but can you Butt Rack?

I was put to the test a few years ago and challenged to rack a gun using one hand, no surface and only my body.  Yes, I used my butt.  It is difficult and leaves a great deal of room for bites but when on the ground and having no access to a pressure point it sure comes in handy.  You can also use your feet when in a tight squeeze.  You do what you have to do.

Look at videos to help determine what will be useful for you.  Practice, practice and more practice makes you a better skilled and drilled self-preservationist.   One Hand Rack

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