How A Lady Chooses Her Gun

The Big Guy should never buy your clothes, so why would he think he can buy your Peace Maker?  I think it is high time he realized he has poor taste, or at least, the unforgiving disadvantage of not being a woman.  Easy fella, we are going to help you better understand.

Women need to decide what works best for them, on an individual basis.  Collectively we cannot set a general carry rule or define what works for us as a whole.  There are a wide variety of differences and preferences for each carrier, man or woman.  So we do not have a standard “for her” gun to recommend.

I am asked often, “Which gun should I buy?”, “what do you think about this model for me?”  There are a few guns on my HOT list that are very popular for women to carry or use for training.  On that list, one may suit you more than another so I always recommend trying them out first.  Go to the range and get eye and hands on.  A few things to keep in mind when shopping for your firearm:

For what purpose are you using this gun? 

Is it for range use and target shooting?  A gun on your nightstand is very different than one you want to put on your hip for every day carry (EDC).  An EDC gun needs to mold to your carry and be easy for you to operate and handle as well as easy to properly conceal.

How will you carry this gun?

I am not a purse carry fan, yet the reality is, some will carry in their purse whether all day or as a back-up.  If you are going to carry on your body, where is it best fitted and most comfortable?  Will it need to be smaller so it fits your waste?  How do you dress and will you purseneed to dress around it?  The gun you choose should be able to hide and stay secure no matter where you place it.  Every “body” is different so not one-fits-all here.  With a purse, you have different options all together.  Hammer, holster, weight, size, ease of use and what concealed carry purse will I get?

Are you a revolver or pistol packer?

You need to know which style firearm will best suit you.  Who will your new best friend be?  Your EDC should be easy to maneuver and operate at all times.  It should not be complicated or cause you to ask for help when you need to use it.  Loading, unloading, cleaning and breaking down is important.  If you cannot do these things, it is not going to be a good fit for you.  Can you handle clearing a jam?  You need to make sure the trigger is comfortable and you can pull it.  What about a hammer?  If you are concealing, do you understand the importance of a hammerless revolver?

Can you master that grip young lady?

Some of us have some small hands.  Not all guns are “girlie grip” friendly.  There are some pistols that come with adjustable (interchangeable) grips.  This is a great option on the S&W models for instance.  I always use the smallest of grips and it is an easy fit for me.  You should be able to hold a firm, controlled grip on your firearm.  You should not fumble or have to adjust when drawing.  It should be an easy grip, hold, draw and handle with firing.  You will be surprised how many guns have grips that you think are “too small” as well.  You will not feel like you have a controlled grip and may want a larger frame.


We are so individualized, and bringing a gun into the mix just makes us even more complicated.  Way too often a woman comes through the class and states that she bought her gun for the class or her husband bought her that gun and now she realizes she has a gun she cannot handle or it won’t support her purpose.  You learn a great deal about how to shop during class.  We help you understand what you need and how to determine what you like.  We will also assist you in your shopping quest and answer your biggest concerns.

You can rent guns at the range, try them out.  There are plenty of other gun owners that will also allow you to try theirs so you can see what you like.  It is worth the time and effort to get the right gun the first time.

For you fellas wanting to give that amazing Gift of Life, gift certificates rock!  Let her pick it out then go get it.  It can still be a fantastic surprise.  Just don’t want to see another 100 pound woman walk in with a G17 that her husband gave her to start carrying.  Play nice guys.

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