The Company That Supports Robbery

Companies are becoming more and more mindful of the safety of their most valuable asset, their employee.  The list of companies that have yet to figure this out, unfortunately, is longer.  Some companies have already dealt with an employee having to save their own life or the lives of others, and how they respond should determine how you spend your money.

One of the most dangerous jobs with this stereotype is pizza delivery.  There have been hundreds of robberies of drivers and store employees over the last few years, many being killed.  Most pizza joints have a company policy prohibiting drivers from carrying a firearm in their personal vehicle, even with a CWP.  When the employees follow that rule, they die.tapeIn 2012 alone, Domino’s appeared to have had more armed robberies and employee killings than any other pizza restaurant throughout the US.  Their policy still remains that the employees are not to have access to firearms.  A manager in Hollywood, FL, was being robbed and shot and killed the robber.  Domino’s placed her on paid administrative leave while the investigation continued.  I have yet to learn whether her job was spared.  The Story.

This week, the news broke of a Pizza Hut employee shooting and killing an armed robber in Charlotte, NC.   Again, no word on whether Pizza Hut will back their employee.  They have been known in the past for firing employees for defending themselves.  One incident in Irmo, SC, resulted in a driver being fired after he was robbed a second time by three attackers.  One of those attackers was shot and killed, saving the driver’s life.  Of course Pizza Hut did not stand behind their employee even after several drivers had been robbed and murdered in the Midland’s over that same year.  The Story.

We all have heard about the Walgreens shooting that led to a pharmacist being fired for breaking company policy after a shootout in the store.  He saved many lives but lost his job.  The company policy was clear, he chose to carry with his CWP rights anyway and no charges were filed.  Walgreens made a huge public display about not promoting his actions by making headline news that they were firing him for his response to being robbed at gunpoint.

No word yet on whether Walmart backed their employee for saving several lives after a parking lot shooting in August.   Did you know that a Kroger employee was forced to resign after saving the lives of several people in their store?   A recent shooting by a Subway employee has people in Augusta, GA stirring and hoping the employee is not fired.tmobileSome businesses are standing up for their valued employees and making it known they will not tolerate attacks.  Recently there have been robberies of a T-Mobile, a Papa Johns,  a  jewelry store in Texas and a Smoke Shop in Georgia, that all ended with the companies praising their employees for defending themselves.   In September, a Boost Mobile employee shot and killed an armed robber and has also kept his job.

Do you see a trend here?  People are desperate and violent when they are robbing and victimizing people in the workplace.  They are easy targets.  Disarming them makes them easy and soft.  Criminals   will do what it takes to get what they want and you are nothing more than collateral damage.  None of the stories I posted ended with the employees charged with any crime, however, some lost their careers by saving their lives.

When a company has the main stage after a self-defense shooting, they often state they want to make sure no one thinks it is “ok” to respond this way.   Then you have the smarter element that says clearly, “we will not tolerate you harming our people”.  No VictimsWhich one would you avoid as a robber?  When these places put the bullseye on their employees’ backs, they should be held accountable.  Making public statements that you will be fired if you survive, places these employees at greater risk.

When these things happen, we as self-preservationists, should reach out and make it known that we are in support of their actions to back their employee.  You never see Moms Demand Action at the scenes of these robberies where the employees are brutally murdered.  Their only concern is stopping self-defense.

These companies that bow to these odious demigods deserve none of your advertising or money.  Reach out to the corporations that have employee involved shootings.  Let them know how you feel.  I can promise you, the anti-gun groups already have.

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