Half of You Are Already Victims

The 50/50 ratio for my classes; ever wonder what that means?  I am referring to what brought you to a CWP class in the first place.  Are you one that has finally made the conscious decision to utilize self-preservation and survive the outside world as best you can?  Maybe you are the other half of the crowd.  You have already experienced victimization in some way.  Unfortunately, that is what brings half my students to my door.

In a classroom of 16-20 students, on average, half have experienced some type of violence in their lifetime.   stalkerSome students share what brought them to the table and gave them the guts and desire to arm themselves.  The stories can be horrifying.  I won’t mention any names as I take the privacy of students very seriously.

A student that was attacked in Down Town Columbia was almost killed a few years ago.  The recovery time for him was daunting.  He opened up in class that when he was brutally attacked by a crowd of men, he had no means of defending himself.  He fought with his hands but that was no match for a pack of grown men on one person.  He was fortunate to have survived as their intent was to beat him to death.  It was a long road to recovery and once he was able, he registered for class.  He said it would have been very different if he had been armed that night.  He said he may have been in the news for a different reason.

The story of the man who was there because his entire family had been murdered sticks with me the most.  An entire home filled with family was destroyed by two people that decided to rob a home and kill anyone in the way.  A single firearm could have saved 5 lives that night.  No one was armed and no one could fight back.  He was in that class to prepare to fight back.

Sometimes the devastation is from a distance.  You are not the actual victim but you know someone that was a victim or almost became one.  You hear the stories all the time about home invasion, carjacking, bank robbery, public muggings, the knock out game, kidnappings, public business robberies.  These don’t happen in “other places”.  You are IN “other places”.  This is it.  You are just as available as anyone else.

A young man I met during a class earlier this year explained his father was car jacked and had to use his firearm to defend himself, resulting in a man dying.  He was a CWP holder from one of my classes a few years earlier.  He explained his dad was having a difficult time coping but wanted his son to be able to defend himself the same and paid for him to come.  His firearm saved his life that night and he did not want anyone else he loved to go through that and not survive.

How prepared are you to actually deal with these things as they approach you?  Yeah, you made the decision to get a gun, learn to use it and carry it.  Now what?

The first thing you do is avoid any obvious ways of being victimized.  Stay alert and know your surroundings (including staying out of Walmart).  My students will understand that one!  Don’t get distracted by a cell phone.  DistractedYou cannot read a cell phone, book or anything else at the same time you are watching your peripheral areas.  When I am in public and need to check my phone, emails or anything like that, I stand out of the way with my back to a wall.  The only thing that can come at me comes from in front of me.  THAT I can still see and have a better chance of control.  People walking through a parking lot texting and reading are not seeing their surroundings and the foe knows this.  They look for distractions.  This is why people are mugged and attacked at 2:00 in broad daylight in the middle of Walmart parking lots (or anywhere else for that matter).  The foe does not care.  You are easy pickings’.

They say it is plain common sense to know to lock your doors.  Is it now?  How many of you actually keep your car and house doors locked at all times?  The honest ones will tell you they do not do it ALL the time.  I bet you lock the doors and set the alarm when you leave your house at night?  Why?  Why is your crap so important that you arrange to protect it so well but won’t do that for yourself when you are at home?  The home invaders are counting on you to be home in the middle of the day because they know you won’t set the alarm.

I challenge you to visit your local County Courthouse sometime and pull up the violent crimes in your area.  You will need a shower and Xanax when you get home.  These horrible acts of violence are at your doorstep and you have no idea.  It doesn’t matter how expensive and exclusive your neighborhood is or how abandoned and poor it is.  You are a prime target for foes for many different reasons.  When you start thinking like they do you will understand how to combat them.

There are proven ways to turn a foe’s head and make them seek another target instead of you.  There are behaviors, practices and things to avoid.  You can prevent being a soft target by getting ahead of the game by already knowing what he is going to do.  Want us to tell you what he is doing and how?  When he will strike next and why?  We can.  We actually teach a seminar addressing these very issues.  We share the actual crimes and events taking place in your communities that you don’t know about.  We show you how to avoid falling for them and know it when you see it.No VictimsWe also refresh you on the things you think would be common sense, but are acts of complacency because we forget that the enemy is watching.  We have a class scheduled for January 28, 2017.  Susan, Tim and I will be going over many of these tactics, skill sets and community awareness cases so you are in the know.  Join us.  All ages are welcome.  You can purchase tickets at CWPchick

Don’t be paranoid, be prepared.



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