When Are 30 Guns Reasonable?

I just read a very long rant about why no one should ever need 30 Guns. I want to respond with a similar sized post and give you actual reasons and examples of exactly why every gun in my possession, or another woman’s possession, of similar quantity is reasonable.

Keep in mind, whether you have thirty guns that shoot one round or one gun that holds a 30 round magazine, you can only shoot one at a time (unless ya wanna double fist and waste targets AND ammo).  I know we keep hearing people say we should, “only have guns that shoot one bullet at a time”.  Well, I do not own a magically tricked out double-barreled rifle (no elephants roaming my yard) so, I have not figured that trick out as of yet.  Anyone with insight, please share.

Here is a simple List of Ten Reasons:

First:  A collector’s item or two is no different than the 57’ Chevy you have in your garage that you never drive.  It is for haves and nothing more.  You may even have a few of those, why not?I won’t even count the two Collector BB Gun Rifles that belong to my 8 month old son.

Second:  A handgun for each room in the house for self-defense is one of many ways to make sure if there is an intrusion, you can defend yourself without being cornered.  How many rooms are in your house?

Third:  For home defense, everyone should have a shotgun. Of course one shotgun is a pistol grip for size, ease and convenience and does not hurt my shoulder during fire.  The one for the shoulder is for hunting, clay shooting or bidding a-due to pesky snakes and rodents or maybe even a little competition.

Fourth:  For the art of range time practice and the joy of playing with a scope, there’s the good ol’ 10/22 AR style rifle. It’s cheap to shoot and good for practice.  It is loads of fun and affords very little disturbance in tight quarters when sharing range space with friends.  It is one mean looking pea shooter.

Fifth:  You have the AR (that’s a rifle that has never assaulted anyone).  That’s for hunters, self-defense and just a plain good time. It has the impact and distance to allow you to protect yourself past your bedroom door and become an equal combatant when things get hairy.

Sixth:  These would be the pistols that you need to make sure suit your daily carry. As a woman, I need the small .380 because I’m in a sundress one day and the next I want to wear the heavier pistol because it’s cool out and my jeans and sweatshirt will not be dragged to the floor.  I know when fishing, out on a trail or on a horse or walking the woods there is an open carry handgun that may better fit.  If you are a woman that carries in your purse, better make sure that revolver is hammer-less.  What?  That’s an additional gun to own?  No way!

Seventh:  When on a boat, I refuse to take a gun worth its ammo in case it ends up at the bottom of Lake Murray.  I call these “throw away” guns.  The best choice for something like this would normally be a Hi-Point, but I actually want it to fire and not sink the boat.

Eighth:  Some are just plain cool.

Ninth:  All you married folks know you cannot agree on much of anything let alone everything.  She is not going to like what you carry.  She needs her own collection of attire just like she needs her own collection of purses and shoes.  Who knows what she will need today vs. tomorrow.

Tenth:  When your car breaks down, don’t you wish you had a back-up?  Well, I do.  For all of you that own multiple cars, do you ever feel like you are being overly criticized because it is not necessary to own more than one vehicle?  Are you treated like a criminal for occupying both sides of the garage?  After all, you can’t drive them both at the same time (insert your personal sarcasm here).

Now, go back and count all the different purposes and uses for these firearms.  Not one time did I say I was going to load them all up into a duffel bag and come to your house or job.  Just like with any maniacal misfit, if you wanted to, you would not need more than one to carry out a horrible and hostile agenda.

For all of those “gun supporters” that say that is too many firearms, please stop telling people you are a gun supporter and a carrier.  You are embarrassing the rest of us that actually understand guns and how they are really used.


Editor’s Note:  Sadly, the CWPchick lost all of her guns, ammo, accessories and like in the 2015 Floods of South Carolina.  They did not wash away or anything, she just lost them.  She has no personal firearms to report on at this time.





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