Guilt By Social Media

Ever wonder why we have “news” and social media in the first place?  It’s simple!  So we can have trials of public opinion and get the entire Judge, jury and conviction out the way.  Whewww, that is such a help for all of mankind, don’t you think?

I have never really understood the ability to lose touch with the common core of a “process”.  When a crime takes place, there is a process.  Not all crimes are the same; therefore, not all processes are the same.  Let us take a look at how the mind can be tricky and cause us to forget we are smarter than the average Bonobo.

Go to any news story on Facebook listed on a Law Enforcement page, any!  Read through the comments.  Who is the first and loudest person to make excuses, cast doubt or defend the criminal element?  Yep, the good ole family and friends crowd.  Stop listening to them!  They were more than likely not even there and yet they can break down the entire evening, points of the crime and how they did it and why.  It is always an injustice too, ever notice that?

The problem with this is not the expectation of blood being thicker than water and mothers being thicker than thieves.  The problem is, YOU as a spectator believe it.  Every single time a local event is posted on my wall activity, someone will say we are defending the wrong person, not because they read the police report.  Not because they found information that I missed or you overlooked.  Not because they took the time to understand the law and what to expect.  Not because there has been an update in the case.  No way.  They saw the cousin post in the feed telling what REALLY happened.  This is where the real corruption is coming from in our battle to fight crime.  It isn’t your overworked, understaffed and underappreciated scapegoat of a police department.  Again, want to weed out a felon, find the one barking the loudest about all police and departments being corrupt.

I challenge everyone to stop listening to the media.  Stop listening to the hype of strung-out and bitter felon’s fathers.  Take the time to research and appreciate due diligence.  Did you know you can go sit in a public trial?  You can learn how the system really works, good and bad, and apply that to the things you hear in the future.  Did you know that you have access to public records when a crime has been committed?  Yes, that’s right.  You can go see the actual police report and court details, including witness statements.  You can see that Cousin Billy wasn’t even in the state when his family member gunned down six people, yet he can tell you all about it.

If you spent the time researching cases the way you spend time following junk threads, you would be so empowered with knowledge about what is happening around you and how you can truly protect yourself and others.  Stop making excuses and do research.  If you are not able, wait it out to form a true opinion.  Not everything is released during an investigation.  What you hear first is not the final answer, for either side.

My Rant Has Ended – Your Turn.

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