Meet The Young Archer

Contributed by:  Lydia Creech, 10 years old, Lexington, SC

Have you ever seen an Archer like the one on TV or at a sibling’s sports tournament?   Maybe just your neighbor practicing out back?  Well, I can tell you those people have serious skill and I will tell you all about it and why I like it.Image result for archery

The Beginning

A lot of people that used bow and arrows were skilled archers and used these skills to hunt animals and for sport.  I can tell you that the 1st people that likely used the bow and arrow were the Romans back when there was the time of B.C. (Before Christ), but when AC come along (After Christ), people didn’t use it until the Americans.  Now, we use it for mostly the sport of Archery or for fun.

My View

I will tell you why I personally like Archery.  I love archery because it helps me to get laser focus and concentration.  Also it is fun, exciting and calming.  If I have had a bad day, no one would listen or I’m just sad, it is a calming sport.  That is for me but for you, the choice is yours.








Why Archery

Many people ask why someone would choose archery over B-ball or softball.  Some say “it was my choice”, and I chose archery.  For me I say, “it was my choice and with archery I feel like it is just me and my bow, my quiver filled with arrows.”  No one may think that my perspective is right, but it is my point of view and no one can change my mind.

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