The Dungeon Next Door

The neighbor was so quiet and kept to himself.  “No one would ever have believed he had a family stashed in his basement”.  You read about this and you hear stories, but they are rare and far from home, right?  Not so fast.

You are starting to hear stories as they are surfacing a little more over the years, but that is because those people have been saved (or remains found) and they make the news.  What about the ones we still do not know about?  There are people who have been held captive for decades.  Many we will never know about.  They went missing, maybe not, and were never heard from again.  There are some that have been fortunate enough to have escaped but that is a small percentage of those still in captivity.

The Josef Fritzl Case in Amstetten, Austria, April 2008

Sociopaths and psychopaths often deem slavery and captivity as part of their maniacal process.  Many women, men and children are abused, enslaved, starved, raped, brutalized, mentally and physically tortured and more.  Some women end up having children and their children too are confined during the entire duration of the captivity, often meaning their lifetime.

There have been too many stories about captives throughout the United States and beyond.  This trafficking and captivity is not a stranger to our society.  11 Famous Kidnappings and Captives

House of Horrors

Many of the stories hitting the headlines lately are a simple result of people paying attention and speaking up.  If you see or hear something that seems the least bit strange or out of the norm, report it!  So what if you are wrong?  What if you are right?  These social ills live right in the middle of neighborhoods and communities, right next door to YOU.  No one notices or recognizes a thing.  The signs are there, but would you know one when you saw it?  This woman took action against the man next door.

I recently had a contact inform me they were working on contractual projects at a home in a local South Carolina area.  He asked me who he would contact if he felt suspicious of the homeowner and the possibility something was not right in the home.  Time CoverHis quote to me was, “this is the type of place you would find someone trapped in some room”.  This is frightening.  Of course through reaching out, the person provided confidential information to proper authorities to take a look.  It is that simple.

Take notes including descriptions, dates and time.  Do not approach the person in question and do not lead them to believe you are questioning their intentions.  Call the police department in the area of the location or person in question.  Let them know your concerns and that you expect someone to investigate.  You do not have to provide your name.  If there are children involved or you suspect children involved, call police and child welfare services to provide a check on the location.  Make your thoughts and suspicions clear.  Keep notes of when you report and whom you reported to, including names.  If you do not feel action is being taken accordingly, you may also contact the FBI and provide tips.

Don’t be a bystander, be a hero!  Speak up and speak out.  Your communication can mean the difference in life or death.

You should also be prepared to prevent being the abductee.  Train your brain to respond and survive abduction.  Surviving Abduction and Hostage Situations

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